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One day in the 1940s when on a spiritual retreat in the countryside of Argentina, a student asked Santiago Bovisio to explain the difference between Cafh and other spiritual paths. Don Santiago drew a circle with his finger in the dust.

“This circle is the ‘I’; everything outside its border is the totality of reality.”

Then with his finger he erased the circle and said:

“This is the way toward Union in some paths, such as Buddhism.”

With his finger he drew another circle, and began to expand it as a spiral, wider and wider, saying:

“This is the way toward Union in Cafh, expanding the ‘I’ by encompassing more and more of reality until we embrace the Infinite.”


Santiago Bovisio founded Cafh, a path of spiritual unfolding, on March 3, 1937, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Those who are alive today and remember the early days of Cafh express a deep sense of gratitude and love for Don Santiago, who gave them so much: the love and simplicity of his presence, his deep spiritual teachings, the Mysticism of the Heart, and a method of life which enables one to unfold ever greater love, presence and participation with all humankind.

Don Santiago was born in Bergamo, Italy, on September 29, 1903. His formal schooling was in the small town of Vigevano as well as in a monastery of the Passionists in Turin. As a student in Venice, Don Santiago participated in an esoteric order, whose members, he later said, all disappeared in the devastation of World War II.

The early studies gave him a deep understanding of the Judeo-Christian tradition of asceticism-mysticism.

His initiation in the esoteric order gave him special insights about the need for a universal spiritual transformation of consciousness. He was asked by the Order to go to America to found there a new spiritual work. He arrived in Buenos Aires in January of 1926. He was only 22 years old.

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