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During the early years in Buenos Aires, Don Santiago married Amelia Taccagni and began to raise a family. Amelia accompanied him throughout his life, not only as a wife and mother, but as a devoted spiritual companion.
During his first 10 years in Argentina, Don Santiago strove to spread his vision of spiritual life. He gave talks, wrote in publications and organized activities for human advancement. During these early years, Don Santiago formed his first public institution, the Union Savanoliana, which brought people together once a week to pray, study and plan works of a social nature to benefit society. It was a work with a concrete social orientation, and the members regularly visited the sick in hospitals, helped prisoners, and worked with the poor in various ways. Some of the people Don Santiago met in these early years felt the yearning to deepen into a more purely spiritual work. By 1937, Don Santiago founded Cafh, a spiritual path that gives souls the means to unfold a mysticism of love and offering, with a universal teaching applicable to all human beings.


Don Santiago and his family:
    María Delfina (Fina); Sra. Amelia;
              Don Santiago; Joaquín; and Leo.
In the early years, however, Don Santiago first thought that Cafh would be similar to the European esoteric order that he had known—small in number and unknown to society.

The Teaching of Cafh, transmitted by Don Santiago, gave its vision of spiritual unfolding, of becoming, the great religions, and Judeo-Christian asceticism-mysticism, along with the traditional teachings of the esoteric schools concerning the astral and mental worlds. The asceticism-mysticism was based on prayer, meditation, self-control and the practice of upright actions, and in the early years was practiced by a small group of individuals.

By 1948, however, Don Santiago realized that Cafh would have a much different future: that it had a universal teaching that would be available to all human beings who yearned to unfold their real spiritual possibilities.

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