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From 1948 until 1962, Don Santiago worked to establish the basis of what Cafh is today: a spiritual organization with a Rule, a Method of Life and a Ceremonial that gives its members the means to work spiritually and unfold their state of consciousness.

Members of Cafh meet weekly in small groups to study, meditate, dialogue and deepen into spiritual life. Don Santiago founded groups throughout Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela. During his lifetime, Cafh ceased being a secret order, and opened Community and Retreat houses, created institutions and works sponsored by Cafh, which made its existence explicit. Moreover, at this time Don Santiago taught the members of Cafh the need to give the Message of Renouncement to society and to make Cafh available to all those desiring their spiritual unfoldment.

Don Santiago transmitted the teaching through his vast array of writings as well as through the Messages presented each year at the annual assembly of Cafh.

Though indeed Don Santiago founded Cafh inspired in the tradition of the European esoteric orders, from the very first moment he insisted – and in 1937 wrote it down in the course Spiritual Unfolding – that humanity was entering into a new era, that great changes would be occurring in society, that undreamed-of possibilities would be discovered. Upon this vision and the inner work already carried out by members of Cafh, the 1956 Message steered the mystical path—until then one of introspection and prayer—in the direction of a much broader approach: one of embracing society and the human condition. He taught that Participation with all souls is the essence of love.
The 1957 Message encouraged the members of Cafh to realize and transmit the idea of Renouncement and made the meaning of Participation more explicit by explaining its two aspects: to Participate is to share with others the spiritual wealth we discover through our understanding and our experiences. Participation also means to learn from what we find good and applicable in the new ideas and discoveries appearing in society.

The 1960 Message contextualized the Mysticism of the Heart, saying we would have to support it on a rigorous knowledge base, to be able to evaluate our inner experiences and our beliefs with greater clarity, since the evaluation we might make basing ourselves only on our subjective experiences tends to judge with our perceived impressions rather than with facts just as they take place.

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