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The 1961 Message further clarified this approach for us, reminding us to distinguish between faith and the comprehension of what is certain, nor to confuse truth with subjective mystical experiences or with theories about supernatural life. In this way, he prompted us to apply the scientific method, especially the concept of verification, to spiritual life.

As for the teaching, Don Santiago thought there was no longer esoteric knowledge (knowledge accessible only to the chosen or initiated), that everything that was once hidden was now within everyone’s reach. He likewise said that the esoteric teachings of past traditions must answer to scientific rigor, that those which could not be proven would have to be taken only as theories which were possible, but not definitive. He taught us, moreover, that advancement in scientific knowledge not only was not opposed to religious and spiritual ideas, but that it actually supported and expanded them.

For Don Santiago, faith had a special meaning: rather than asserting that this or that belief is right, faith is the deep certainty that each of us, as a human being, has within ourselves the capacity to respond to life’s fundamental questions.

This approach to faith is the spirit of the teachings of Cafh: they are offered as study material to work on, not as articles to believe in.

Don Santiago explained to us that Cafh is an idea and a work appropriate to the new times he could see coming, in which knowledge would be accessible to any person who wished to find it.

His original teachings are available today here for all readers and seekers of spiritual wisdom. Teachings such as The Good Road, Spiritual Unfolding, and Sacrifice outline for us expansive spiritual teachings which find expression in the inner freedom and expansive love of those who apply these teachings to their lives.

Cafh today exists in many parts of the world, on nearly every continent, and in many languages. Although Don Santiago passed away in 1962, his work continues to this day in the great variety of individuals all over the world who feel called to participate inwardly in the spiritual mission he began. It is to Don Santiago that we, the members of Cafh, owe the wealth of spiritual life that we have received, and it is to him that we will be eternally grateful.


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